1966 born in Berlin  - raised in Herrsching am Ammersee in the Artist family Elisabeth and Hans Kreuz 
1984 -1987 Education as a hairdresser in Munich 
1988 moved to cologne for makeup school Bernd Bauer for special makeup and bodypainting
1990 One-year apprenticeship at the state opera cologne
1991 moved to Munich 
since then self-employed as Special Make up artist for theater, nFilm and fashion
Personell makeup artist for Veronica Ferres since about 20 years 
Since 2012 also working as a fashion photographer ( see agency)
A highly resourceful, flexible and innovative make up artist who possessing excellent inter-personal and communication skills. Experienced in ensuring that models, performers and presenters have suitable make-up and hairstyles before they appear in front of cameras or an audience. Extensive knowledge of taking into account the size of a venue, lighting, and distance between a audience, the stage and performers.
Providing elevated skincare diagnosis and makeup application for clients. Analyzing a clients face before applying any make up. Liaising with actors and producers to identify the make up requirements. Hiding blemishes, or making the performer look beautiful, old or young. Taking photographs of work. Giving actors realistic looking scars or unusual physical characteristics. Working on wigs, whiskers and special effects.
Communicating with directors and costume designers. Understand a persons color and skin tone. Casting facial and body moulds and sculpting latex foam. Taking into consideration the shape, bone structure and eye shape of clients. Analyzing scripts to make sure characters end up looking the way they are described.
Knowledgeable about the effects of stage lighting on a person's appearance. Excellent communication skills in dealing with actors and artists. Complete understanding of the special effects/make-up processes on the skin Able to work day or night and can stand of fee for long periods of time. Experience of applying makeup for television and film. Artistically inclined and appreciating colour and beauty. Detail oriented, able to multi-task, experience working in fast paced retail environment.
Special effects, Period makeovers, Hairstyles, Artistry skills, Prosthetics Model make up, Fantasy make up
REFERENCES – more Available on request